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Address:     5413 S Helena Ln

                Spokane WA 99223


Phone:       509 443-1282


Jay Moynahan is a retired professor of Criminal Justice from Eastern Washington University in Spokane, WA. He is writing a series of 70-85 books about prostitution in the American West, Canada and Alaska.

The books examine the ladies of easy virtue who lived and practiced their trade from about 1849 to 1920. Resource materials include diaries, letters, books, jail records, newspapers, photographs, police records, prison records, court records, magazines, census data, interviews and personal records.

A crusader of sorts, the author hopes to show what the lives of the sporting women were really like. No TV or Hollywood distortions exist in these books, which illustrate life as it actually was lived.

There were a number of interesting and dynamic women in the ranks of the good-time girls whose lives make for fascinating reading.


Interest in the history of prostitution on the American and Canadian frontier has expanded greatly over the past decade or two. Researchers and readers include hobbyists, historians, proponents of women’s studies, relatives, and anyone curious about a unique period in North America. From their daily economic struggle to their battles with the law, the life and times of these sporting women and their associates tell an intriguing tale.

In this series you’ll find books containing life stories, vignettes, newspaper articles and court reports, recipes, photographs, and related details. The author has discovered and republished red light guide books and historical reports.

Whether you’re a serious student of history or reading for entertainment, there is something here for you.

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