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Personal Reflections



This series of small books contains observations of life - some serious, some thought-provoking, and some humorous. Some were made by the author, Jay Moynahan, and some by others. All were collected as Jay traveled his path through life during the year. He pokes fun at himself as well as at others. The quotes he recalls are from well-known, little-known and unknown people. All are presented for pondering, questioning and, in many cases, remembering.

Life is a series of lessons that are derived from the experiences and people one encounters. Sometimes distance from the experience is required before the lesson becomes clear. But the lesson is always there.  One must remember that we are all students in life and are all on our own path.

Originally written for himself and shared with friends, Jay was encouraged by many readers to make them available to others. Volume VI is the first book to be formally published.

Looking Back on My Path Volume VI

Table of Contents

A Path

Foreign Words To Our Folks

Ten Whys

A Word About Canadian Bank Money

One Person  At A Time

In The Moment


How Much Is Enough Money?

Some Teachings Of Lao Tzu


Some Observations, Whit, Humor and Truisms from My Irish Side

I Just Don’t Get It

Mike Was My New Friend

Add Plants to Forest Bathing and Get Healthy

Compassion for Animals

Interesting Thing About Aging

Do Things Happen for a Reason?

Am I Loosing It?

The Path

The True Meaning of Life


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$2.95, softcover, 42 pages.

Looking Back on My Path Volume VII


Table of Contents

 A Path

True Great Science

My Friend Al 

The Cat Nip Talk


My New Friend

Some Things about Chocolate

Seven Universal Laws

The Importance of Walking

Environmentally Aware Cat

Practice of RAoK

Mother Teresa

As the Buddha Said

People in your Life

The Town of Gutshot, Montana

Canadian Paper Money

Politically Correct Terms & Job Titles

1962 Cost of Living

Speaking Canadian

Some Quotes

Seven Chinese Quotes



An Interview with the Author

Read sample chapters VII

$2.95, softcover, 60 pages

Looking Back on My Path Volume VIII


Table of Contents

 Humor by Others

You Are Not as Old as You Think: Replacing Outdated Age Designations

The World is School

Back to Kindergarten Lessons

Fine Quotes from Two Great Religious Leaders

A Different Perspective from the Vendanta

The Power of Mindfulness

The Man I Would Not Want oo Debate

I Almost Became a Millionaire

New Technology Stuff

An Observation about My Spanish Linguistic Skills

And Now a Word about and from Native Americans

Death by Selfie

Some Notes on Political Correctness in Russia and China

What to Do with a Holiday?

For a Brighter and Richer Future

Sorry, But Here is a Multiple Choice Question

Some Killers of People in the USA Per Year

Yogi Berraisms

Two Way Communications or What Was It You Said?


Some Maps That Show It All

Please Remember

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama


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$2.95, softcover, 66 pages

Looking Back on My Path Volume IX


Table of Contents

​A Path

Aircraft Maintenance Down Under

Chinese Engineer Weds Yingying

My Cake Travelled a Long Way

Theorem of Happiness

Learning Lessons

Jay Moynahan, Almost a Red Barron

The Scoop on Millennials

A Friend Gets a New Room Mate

Irish Again Obsessing About The Existence of Fairies, Wee Folk and Selkies

Some Suggestions For A Better Usa

Nomophobia A Rampant Disorder

A Letter on Chocolate

More Words from Our Native American Brothers

Some Pretty Darn Good Quotes from Some Pretty Darn Good People

Essential News About iPhone and Smart Phones

The Happiest Countries in the World

The Six American Generations

Wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy

Hunting Wild Road Signs

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

Appendix: 25 Surprising Facts About Phone Addiction


About the Author

Read sample chapters IX

$2.95, softcover, 57 pages

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