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Old West / Native Americans

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This book is a collections of writings by Bill Quijas, public speaker, teacher, and lecturer in Native American Studies. He describes the issues and conditions of Native Americans, especially the Lakota. His Lakota name is Wiyaka-Ska, which translates into English as White Feather.

Bill Quijas is a lifelong resident of the Pine Ridge Reservation, is a military veteran, and a graduate of Black Hills University. He has had a newspaper column, has written for several publications, and was at one time a Native American radio personality.

$12.95, softcover, 64 pages

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This book presents both historical and current perspectives of Native Americans, who were the First Americans, through their quotes, past and present. The first section presents a short history of the pitiless and destructive treatment of Native Americans by European immigrants.


Section two is comprised of quotes by Native American chiefs who personally experienced unfair treatment from the United States Government and its representatives. In section three are found quotes from past and present Native Americans who cast light on the treatment of the earth, its resources and people. Some of their statements are incredibly profound and insightful. The fourth section contains quotes that express the views of many (but not all) Native Americans about their current treatment by the descendants of European immigrants


The book focuses on the Native Americans who inhabited the American plains and the quotes come primarily from this group. Some of their story was first told in the revealing book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

$16.95, softcover, 103 pages.



The history of the old west as most of us know it consists of a combination of fact and fiction. Well-known figures like Calamity Jane and General George Custer are surrounded by myths and folklore. Beliefs both true and false envelop frontier gunfighters, Indians and miners. After consulting government documents, old newspapers, maps, books, magazine articles, law enforcement files and academic research, the author separated legend from reality. The result is a number of engrossing stories. The west was full of characters, and their stories need no embellishment. This book enables us to travel back in time and revisit history as it really happened.

$16.95, softcover, 159 pages.

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