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Antique Postcards


Before risqué calendars, pinups, Playboy Magazine and Internet sites, there were French postcards. They were produced as the result of the invention of photography (in the first half of the 1800s) and men’s desire to view sexy, erotic, nude women. The cards classified as naughty French postcards were being mass-produced by 1897. The peak years for sales of these cards fell between 1897 and 1920. The postcards ran on a continuum from showing women who posed suggestively but were fully clothed to showing models posing with no clothes and presenting full frontal nudity. This book consists of 40 different French postcards showing women dressed in housecoats, bedclothes and various undergarments. The statements, quotes or comments below each of the photographs provide general information about French prostitutes and prostitution, and the many locations to which they traveled.

$12.95, softcover, 64 pages.


This book is full of illustrated French postcards dating from about 1900 to 1930. Most of the cards were produced in Paris, which at the time was considered the sex capital of Europe. The many of cards depicted French prostitutes who were preparing to conduct business. The book contains hand-drawn illustrated cards, rather than the photographic cards which were also popular at the same time. Enjoy a romp into the early twentieth century as depicted through these naughty French postcards.


$17.95, softcover, 116 pages

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